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Reset & Reclaim is a 10-week course container for women to TRANSFORM their lives. This is a space where you'll work closely with Sanchia to transmute, alchemise and grow through the blocks that are keeping you stuck on a subconscious level to assist you with living a life that is TRULY magnetic and inspiring!!!

If you value freedom, joy, abundance and want to live a life that's exploding with LOVE, inner peace, clarity and alignment then this space is for you.


If you're tired of doing personal development work on your own and you would like to connect with a supportive group of likeminded ladies and Sanchia, then you've landed in the right place. This course is here to help you become embodied and aligned.

If you've read all the books, meditated, listened to the self-help gurus on instagram or even gone to therapy before but your life still feels lacking... then R&R is your new safe space to help you integrate and create long-lasting change.

You are guaranteed to feel safe, supported and seen the whole time as you EXPAND and grow.

Sanchia began her business 'Sound Healing Perth' at the end of 2021. Since then she has sold out every single sound healing this year and has impacted over thousands of women in her own female embodiment courses, sound healings, retreats and women's circles.


Sanchia is not only a sound healer, a holistic facilitator, a mindfulness and female embodiment coach, but she is also someone who has done the work herself. She has created and manifested her dream life and she's now here to help you do the same. Sanchia really LISTENS to understand and then helps the individual question their own beliefs and thoughts to help them transform and be gently guided towards their desired reality.


Sanchia has completed her Masters in Secondary Teaching where she majored in philosophy, psychology and sociology. Sanchia is also trained in NLP, meditation and sound healing. Sanchia is here to help you meet yourselves deeply and open you up to a whole new world.


If you've arrived here, it's not by chance. It's time to take a leap.

How will it look?

We will meet on zoom weekly beginning the week of MAY 6TH 2024 for a total of 10 modules / the course will run for 12 weeks - 3 months (as we'll have some integration weeks)!

10 carefully curated modules will unlock each week - you will be free to move through the content at your own pace as we move through the weeks.


This is a space where we connect and support one another to reach our higher selves and our DREAM visions.


What else you'll get out of this course:

✧ unlimited access to all of the content and trainings

✧ discounted sound healings over the 3 months


✧ a lot of clarity and peace / balance in your life


✧ experience enlightening epiphanies + major breakthroughs


✧ learn embodiment tools to help you shift back into your core energy centre and begin to manifest


✧ create a deeper understanding of the quantum realm and your sense of self


✧ cleansing and clearing from your subconscious and conscious mind to help you begin to ALIGN with your goals


✧ find a remembrance of your purity and innocence through inner child healing meditations and practices


✧ deep cellular level healing and transformation in your outlooks


✧ integration and somatic techniques you can use throughout the rest of life

✧ powerful cord cutting, self-love + grounding guided meditations you'll have access to forever to help you regulate your nervous system

✧ subliminal guided meditations to help you re-program your subconscious mind and quantum leap towards your goals


✧ connection to other likeminded souls

Are you ready to call in the best version of you? 

This is an accountability container that will create lasting shifts in your life... it will require some dedication and work to show up. BUT if you're truly ready to make 2024 the best year of your life so far then THIS IS FOR YOU.




What other women have said about Sanchia's courses:

Meet your mentor: Sanchia


✔ Creating a positive relationship with yourself to help you get clear on your dreams + true values

✔ Meeting your inner authority, staying accountable and building self-trust to reach self-love

✔ Harnessing creative life-force energy on the day-to-day


✔ Learning to balance your masculine + feminine energy to live a more aligned and embodied life

✔ How to open the heart to allow love in

✔ How to connect with our personal power and intuition

✔ Cultivating a more confident + loving state of mind

✔ Learning to create and honour our boundaries + self-worth

✔ Healing limiting beliefs + the inner child through Sanchia's guided sound healing meditations

✔ Learning to speak our truth mindfully

 ✔ Money mindset + manifesting abundance, love, joy + freedom!

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧


Lucy (VIC)

"Working with Sanchia has changed my life - she is so incredibly understanding, calming and inspiring! I've completely shifted out of the place I was stuck in. I am so so so thankful for your guidance Sanchia. You truly are a real life guardian angel."

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧

This course is here to help you grow into your vision

And if you don't know what that vision is yet, then let's work together to uncover it.

THE TIME IS NOW. Stop waiting for permission to take control of your life...

Who is this course for?

- the women who are READY to truly show up for themselves

- the women who are READY to go deeper into themselves

- the women who want to learn how to be seen, embodied and have their voices heard

- the women who want to feel more connected, free and clear

- the women who believe in the spiritual realm and want to learn how to manifest and step into their power

- the women who are ready to open themselves up to deeper connections and authentic loving relationships

- the women who are dedicated to bettering themselves and their future

- the women who are ready to be open-minded, self-reflective and create long lasting change

This course is not for:

- the women who want a quick fix 

- the women who won't aim to implement the teachings daily

- the women who aren't ready to go deeper into themselves

- the women who are too afraid to change

- the women who prefer to stay stuck where they are now because it feels comfortable and gives them an identity

- the women who can't hold space for others or themselves

- the women who aren't ready to be open, vulnerable or would rather stay playing small

Commonly asked questions:

1. What if I can’t make all the zoom calls?

That’s ok! Life gets in the way sometimes – I get it! All of the content will be online and our weekly zoom calls will be recorded and posted so you can always re-watch! There’s always time to catch up with our 3 integration weeks that are spaced out over the 3 months too (where there will be no new content  to help us reset and integrate).


2. How long will the workshop go for each week on zoom / when will they be? 

1.5 – 2 hours! Our zoom time will be decided once everyone enrols and gives their preferred time for our weekly call. It'll be on either a Monday or Thursday weeknight at a start time of 7pm. We'll vote on the day once everyone is enrolled!


3. Will I be able to follow up with you if I need more support? 

Yes! For the entire 12 week block you’ll have access to 1 free call with Sanchia and then discounted/ affordable one on one calls if you need more support throughout the duration of the course. We will also have a beautiful group chat on Instagram where we can support one another and share our wins, struggles and resources. Sanchia will also be supporting you through this group chat too!


4. Do you offer refunds?

This course has been designed to help you meet yourself deeply and uncover your dream life / vision. You are guaranteed to feel different even just after the first week of our program!!! No refunds are offered for this course.

5. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes absolutely! You can either choose to pay in full or pay with 3 monthly instalments.

6. How much is this life changing 12 week course?

Firstly, can I get you to reflect on the cost of uplifting, shifting and re-shaping your whole life for the better?! We can't put a price on healing... it's truly priceless. However, this course is easily valued at a much higher cost than what it's currently set at (with all of the meditations, teachings, 24/7 access to weekly content, journal prompts, life lessons, abundance mindset sheets, sound healings, homework tasks, time/ effort/ energy that I'll be putting into it) but I want this course to be accessible for women. Email Sanchia info@soundhealingperth to discuss payment options now.


This course is an INVESTMENT (in you for you) – and I firmly believe that the best investment you can make in this life is the one in your self. The universe repays us in inexplicable ways when we prioritise our own growth and healing. Watch yourself transform in safe hands!


The next round of this life-changing course begins officially on May the 6th 2024!

VERY limited spaces are available, if you're ready to learn, grow and EXPAND in 2024 then this is your access point to do that!

This accountability container WILL change your life for the better.


Are you ready to evolve and embody your dream life?!

It's time to watch yourself completely evolve and awaken.


Get ready to meet likeminded people as you create your dream life.


The days of playing small and feeling lost are over.

Your new reality is about to begin!

See you on the other side girl!!!


Love Sanchia


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