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Welcome beautiful

I am so glad you've followed your intuition and allowed it to lead you here. 

Your journey towards awakening and embodying your true Aligned / Divine Feminine essence begins now.


This space will help you to remember your divinity and learn how to become the radiant goddess that you are.


In this space we will awaken the Divine Feminine and learn how to lead our lives in a new, free-flowing, intuitive and empowered way.

You've felt the calling and you've trusted it. You're already on your way. You know you're made for more and you're ready to awaken to your inner knowingness. Thank you for allowing me to gently guide you home on this journey...

If you're ready to: connect with your Higher Self, experience unconditional universal love, awaken your intuition to manifest your desires and feel empowered in your every day life then you've come to the right place. 

When you work on yourself the universe repays you in ways you'll soon experience.


When you expand your awareness, bring yourself into balance and connect with the elements of the Divine Feminine, you bring forth the Sacred dream of universal love and connection between yourself, those around you, Mother Nature and the Divine/ Source/ The Universe. 


When you awaken and embody your Divine Feminine essence, you become a magnet to the masculine + all that you wish to obtain that is aligned and meant for you!

Get ready to completely transform and re-emerge as the Divine Feminine Goddess that you are!!!

How the 3 weeks will look:

From the 20th of November until the 4th of December we will be meeting each Monday for 1.5 hours at Perth Pottery Co in Inglewood!

Each week we come together to connect, explore and uncover ourselves. 

This course is about connecting with our femininity and creating more self-awareness for those light bulb moments to occur!

Get ready to transcend sister!

Copy of Soft Pastel Gradient International Women's Day Facebook Post (Instagram Post) - 15
Copy of Soft Pastel Gradient International Women's Day Facebook Post (Instagram Post) - 12


- A bunch of beautiful new friends with likeminded women

- Lifelong access to the course material

- A safe, supportive and inclusive space (come as you are)

- A whole new philosophy and shift in perspective in regards to your life and your divine femininity

- New learnt behaviours to help you when dating 

- The option / freedom to join a more in-depth coaching container with Sanchia afterwards 

- A sense of belonging and soulful expansion!

- A feeling of empowerment and liberation when you leave each week!

"This course showed me how to connect with my intuition and my inner feminine energy. I've become so self-aware and I now know what I really want from life / a partner. Thank you Sanchia for holding such a safe space!"

Lisa, WA

The most powerful investment you can make in this lifetime is the investment in yourself. 

This course is extremely transformative and has been refined to become more impactful than ever!!!

Who do you REALLY want to be?

How do you want to show up for yourself and your relationships?

Are you ready to embody your higher self?

Are you ready to fully embrace and embody your feminine essence?

Life becomes so magical when we step outside our comfort zone.

Let us bloom and transform.

Your time is now.

No more playing small...

It's time to shine your light and bring forth the sacred dream of universal love and alignment.

It begins with you.

It's time for you to awaken to your inner knowingness and the divine feminine that lives within.

It's time for us to live from the heart.

I look forward to meeting you all at the end of the journey to reflect on our transformations and new outlooks. 

Love Sanchia
x x x 

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